Kurshin Joseph

3 Simple Steps To Building Your Blue Ocean Niche

By Kurshin Joseph


Not sure where to start making money online?

Or maybe you have an online business but you can’t seem to get ahead of the competition.

When you put out content, your competitor puts out content at the same time. Its a cyclic game! But there is a way out!

And that is by finding a Blue Ocean NicheWhat is a Blue Ocean Niche?


The Blue Ocean Niche

People try to over complicate this concept, but all it is about, is finding a niche that is so laser targeted to an uncommon audience that you would be the only shark in the water!

Now metaphors aside, discovering your blue ocean is a matter of applying a few simple steps.

So let’s get into that…


1. What passions or skills do you have?

This is not just about what you like doing.

This is about finding your dream goal, discovering your skills and packaging it into a way that can help others.

Will you lose interest in it in the next 10 or 20 years?

If so, then it will never work!

A get rich scheme always comes from hopping on a trend early.

But that kind of money is not wealth, it does not last in the long run.

So consider asking yourself, what can you do that others cannot and package it into multiple formats that is readily available for all types of audiences, for example those that prefer books over courses, or videos over a conference.

The Blue Ocean Passion/Skill is one that will gain have a finite amount of people flocking to.

Always do keyword research, discover what Facebook/Social Media groups/pages there are for your niche.

How deep can you narrow the funnel?

Let’s take an example: Cooking – Cooking with Chocolate – Cooking With Belgian Chocolate – Creating Unique Designs with Belgian Chocolate For Chocolate Patisseries

Can you see how it can be broken down to cater for a very specific audience type now?

That’s the topic, what about the format?

Can it be recipe books?

Could it be video formatted cooking lessons?

Will you use online classes or webinars?

What about hosting group classes to teach art form creation to be displayed in unique chocolate patisseries?

The deeper and more narrow the funnel is, the bigger shark you will be in the pond!


2. Marketing To Your Niche

Your audience stems from the primary topic.

In the above case, it was cooking with chocolate.

But now you have the opportunity to branch off.

Lead the people from Facebook Groups or any other social media pages, onto your web pages, get them intrigued with Belgian chocolate!

And deliver a freebie to get their tastes buds watering even more!

Mind the pun!

Once you have this audience, you can direct them to creating phenomenal desserts, enticing them continually with free value and lessons.

Re-target until they want more!

Consider using ongoing email marketing, Facebook re-targeting or google advertising.

This way you build rapport and a relationship with your audience!


3. Offering More To Those Who Care

On your web-pages you should always have paid products.

In whatever format that looks like, whether physical or digital, you want to show dominance and authority in your niche by offering products/services.

Always have a value ladder.

Start off with low ticket items, for those that are interested they will grow into your true fans and buy everything of yours!

But that kind of relationship needs to be developed over time.

Continually offering free value is the key to building a relationship with your audience.

It is the same with any relationship, you must work at it.

Depending on the type of products you have, also remember to use it as a means of advertising other products.

For example in the niche with Belgian Chocolate, if you were using recipe books remember to use the book  to advertise other products offered on your web pages.

These are vital advertising spaces to indoctrinate your audience and returning customers!





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