Kurshin Joseph

7 Millennial Leadership Keys | That Will Change Your Life!

By Kurshin Joseph

Your were born for such a time as this! Your purpose is to manifest your personal leadership in your area of expertise to be a model of what success looks like for a future generation.
If you understand these 7 MILLENIAL LEADERSHIP KEYS, you will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!




1. Identify Your Purpose

We need to see the value in our existence and appreciate the short time that we have to make a difference in this world.

Whether you are a sprinter or a longer distance runner, we are all given 120 years to accomplish the purpose that we were put on this earth for.

Every child is born with a ‘dream’ in their heart, but it is shut down by preconceived ideas that parents, school and society feed them.

But the way to overcome that is to return to our creator so that we as the creation can get into the mind of the creator to discover how to manifest what we were created for.


2. Have a Clear Goal or Vision

Without a vision, people perish.

If the vision is for others that are on the journey with you, then share the vision so that they form an emotional attachment with you and run the race marked out for them.

If the vision or the goal is for yourself ONLY then do not cast your pearls before swine!

People get so offended by that, but all it means is that you don’t tell people who care too much about their own opinions about the things that matter to you.

Unfortunately you will always get those kind of people, but if you have a goal and a vision, your foot will not easily fall of the straight and narrow path that God has intended you for.

No one except you and God know the visions and goals that were placed inside your heart.

Your results must speak for themselves when you accomplish your task. We should never show our masterpiece until it is finished.

Success should never have to be talked about, it cheapens its resolve. Success should speak for itself, so you won’t need to talk!


3. Believe That What You Have To Offer Is LIFE CHANGING!

You need to believe that what you have to offer is the most important thing there is out there!

If you lack conviction then your audience will never be gripped because they are not truly gripped by knowledge, they are gripped by your passion and your strong belief in the gift you have and to the transformative power of your gift.

Unfortunately in the world people don’t actually care about you they only appear to care when they realise you have the answer to their problems.

They care about what you can give them.

Understanding this will make you as a leader succeed – you must have ruthless unapologetic unction for the truth and the ability to stand for your purpose with the desire to add value to others.

That does not mean doing it by arguments, to prove a point, that means living a life of dedication to the journey of success and letting your success shine a spot light on the missed opportunities of others so that it will convict others to live out their dreams!


4. A Unique Plan

Everyone’s life and journey is different so a unique plan specific for you needs be moulded by the inspiration of God and others who have proven to walk the same path.

One of the worst things we have done, is go to school and then choose a course at university, then we go and see what job we can get with that degree.

Its backwards!

The life goal you have been given which is the dream that was placed in your heart from birth is what you were created for!

Therefore you should only go study what you need to accomplish and fulfil that goal.

The ONLY way you can get a firm, straight and narrow path to walk on is if we develop our relationship with our creator and find out what we were created for.

Looking over your shoulder at others and trying to do what they do, the way they do it is not what you were created for.

Learn and form your own methods of success.

Too often we covet the gifts and the rewards of success rather than appreciating the journey and the relationships we develop and that just shows our motives and selfishness.

Those things will never build wealth, legacy and relationships with people.

Ruthlessness will only get you money and nothing else.

What’s the point if you win the world and lose your soul in the process?

So maintain a strong relationship with God and with people and your unique path will be sure.


5. Be Accountable To The Highest Possible Authority!

The highest authority is God and then yourself.

Being accountable to others will not make you succeed, but looking in the mirror as your own competition and keeping in mind that one day you will give an account to God for the things you have done in the body will exponentially accelerate your full potential.

I am not talking about sin, Jesus dealt with that, you should be free from it now.

I’m talking about what you did with this life.

Do not bury your talents in the ground and say I could have, if only; or I could have if they didn’t do this or that; or I could have but what if I failed and lost all my money.

There’s a reason why we as spiritual people devoted to God can succeed faster than others, it is because we have the support and backing of a loving Father and God.

You must fear something. Fear God, not man and especially not failure.

By not fulfilling what you were created for, you will only let yourself and the people around you down.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you need it to.

But when that happens, who you were created to be should shine the brightest!

Because a small flame is seen clearest in the greatest darkness.

So let your light shine and be a pillar of hope and strength with your unique abilities and gifting to lead others when they cannot do things themselves.

Remain humble, remain focused on your calling and remember if you do things only for a paycheck then we never get to MANIFEST THE LEADER WITHIN.


6. Rise Above Adversity

Adversity is going to come.

Without it the humbling process would never get accomplished.

You need to have that process so that pride will not come in and you will not end up squandering your achievements and lording it over others.

However when that adversity comes, perseverance is built, character is built and most importantly value and love for your fellow man is created within you.

The worst thing we can do is take offence at the naysayers who come against us. Instead we should appreciate it.

Eminem, had stated once,

He didn’t get famous because of people who liked him, it was the hate and the dislike against him that put him in the media.

Phineas Barnum quoted,

‘I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.’

That’s not a don’t care attitude, he understood the power of media and he also understood that his goals were bigger than the opinion of competition and naysayers. Remember that all they can do is talk, they have no authority or power to stop you from fulfilling your purpose and leading in your field of expertise.


7. Look Beyond The Temporary!

Keep your eyes on the goal, focus on what you are aiming to achieve.

The daily hiccups and setbacks is just apart of the learning curve.

So that you learn to move beyond temporary things and focus on the eternal.

Did you know that your created value and abilities will be used for eternity?

You remain unique for eternity but this temporary life is only ‘temporary’ because it became corrupted, otherwise we would never die.

When you accomplish what you work for, you leave behind a legacy for yourself and your family.

So don’t focus on the painful process, if you focus on that you already lost the willpower to succeed.

Focus on achieving your goals.




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