Kurshin Joseph

A Word For The New Breed of Eagles

By Kurshin Joseph

Kurshin Joseph - Accelerate My New Breed of Eagles Now!

A Word For The New Breed of Eagles,

The Lord showed me a vision of an eagle faced phoenix set on fire, taking flight with 7 tails and a large wing span stretched out fully. It arose out of complete darkness and hovered above the mountains.

This is the word that came to me immediately after.

Get ready for flight! Expect June to bring incredible changes. Finally You Will Exclaim! Finally! With tears of joy! Glory, Hallelujah! You will experience extreme peace and safety in your spirit and a great unlocking of potential as limitations and hindrances that have held you back for years shall be removed. Weeds are being removed. Alignment into your destiny, healing of emotional traumas and heart wounds. Those that have struggled to get married will receive their Kingdom Spouses and Marriage season will be shortly after!

Your Prophetic Destiny is NOW. Like a Phoenix a newness of life, out of the ashes has been birthed. The called, those that have chosen the straight and narrow path will embark on adventures like never before. Get ready for exploits. Your recent great pain was not for nothing, it was for the baby that is now being born.

Your wings shall burn as bright as the sun and provide the same heat and growing power of the sun to many trees. Surely your businesses and ministries are about to grow up rapidly and bring light and revelation to many people.

The Lord is about to show off the Eagle’s Splendor. Watch The New Eagles take flight. Learn from them! They are not here for nothing, they are here to establish the Kingdom Mandate of Heaven. They will burn brighter than many can handle. They will be like the bright stars in the dark of night.

Many will get intimidated by them. Many will be made angry because of them. They will succeed where others could not. Many will look in awe and wonder at what God can do through yielded vessels. They have fire burning from their wings, trail blazing a path that will burn the weeds that have held back many. They have a 7 fold tail, which means they carry the 7 spirits of God and are stewarded by them.

Limitations will be broken. Stagnation cast aside. Those that have been murky lakes, stagnant waters shall become hot water springs bubbling over with new found energy and grace from the Lord.

Those that have been filling their toolbelt with tools of the trade will rest as a strong east wind of Glory brings great acceleration and rapid fire movement. The Eagles will catch the current and soar as they keep their wings open. I hear the Lord say ‘cover that which I bring to you.’

Collaborations from the north, south, east and west will push you into momentum but be careful of wolves in sheep’s clothing!

They will say they want to promote you but they are distractions from your assignment. You must heed the voice of your Father regarding each and every person. Follow the peace of God in your heart. Do not apologize for being obedient and letting loose those from your life that could hinder what God has told you to do.

You are Eagles. You are to soar higher than every other bird. Take charge and burn brightly. This is only the beginning of your prophetic destiny.

“You will have your crown of beauty instead of ashes, oil of joy instead of mourning, you will have a garment of praise instead of despair and you will indeed be oaks of righteousness, a planting done by the Lord to display His splendor!”

Isaiah 61:3

A sudden explosion of acceleration awaits!


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