7 Millennial Leadership Keys | That Will Change Your Life!

Your were born for such a time as this! Your purpose is to manifest your personal leadership in your area of expertise to be a model of what success looks like for a future generation.
If you understand these 7 MILLENIAL LEADERSHIP KEYS, you will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!




1. Identify Your Purpose

We need to see the value in our existence and appreciate the short time that we have to make a difference in this world.

Whether you are a sprinter or a longer distance runner, we are all given 120 years to accomplish the purpose that we were put on this earth for.

Every child is born with a ‘dream’ in their heart, but it is shut down by preconceived ideas that parents, school and society feed them.

But the way to overcome that is to return to our creator so that we as the creation can get into the mind of the creator to discover how to manifest what we were created for.


2. Have a Clear Goal or Vision

Without a vision, people perish.

If the vision is for others that are on the journey with you, then share the vision so that they form an emotional attachment with you and run the race marked out for them.

If the vision or the goal is for yourself ONLY then do not cast your pearls before swine!

People get so offended by that, but all it means is that you don’t tell people who care too much about their own opinions about the things that matter to you.

Unfortunately you will always get those kind of people, but if you have a goal and a vision, your foot will not easily fall of the straight and narrow path that God has intended you for.

No one except you and God know the visions and goals that were placed inside your heart.

Your results must speak for themselves when you accomplish your task. We should never show our masterpiece until it is finished.

Success should never have to be talked about, it cheapens its resolve. Success should speak for itself, so you won’t need to talk!


3. Believe That What You Have To Offer Is LIFE CHANGING!

You need to believe that what you have to offer is the most important thing there is out there!

If you lack conviction then your audience will never be gripped because they are not truly gripped by knowledge, they are gripped by your passion and your strong belief in the gift you have and to the transformative power of your gift.

Unfortunately in the world people don’t actually care about you they only appear to care when they realise you have the answer to their problems.

They care about what you can give them.

Understanding this will make you as a leader succeed – you must have ruthless unapologetic unction for the truth and the ability to stand for your purpose with the desire to add value to others.

That does not mean doing it by arguments, to prove a point, that means living a life of dedication to the journey of success and letting your success shine a spot light on the missed opportunities of others so that it will convict others to live out their dreams!


4. A Unique Plan

Everyone’s life and journey is different so a unique plan specific for you needs be moulded by the inspiration of God and others who have proven to walk the same path.

One of the worst things we have done, is go to school and then choose a course at university, then we go and see what job we can get with that degree.

Its backwards!

The life goal you have been given which is the dream that was placed in your heart from birth is what you were created for!

Therefore you should only go study what you need to accomplish and fulfil that goal.

The ONLY way you can get a firm, straight and narrow path to walk on is if we develop our relationship with our creator and find out what we were created for.

Looking over your shoulder at others and trying to do what they do, the way they do it is not what you were created for.

Learn and form your own methods of success.

Too often we covet the gifts and the rewards of success rather than appreciating the journey and the relationships we develop and that just shows our motives and selfishness.

Those things will never build wealth, legacy and relationships with people.

Ruthlessness will only get you money and nothing else.

What’s the point if you win the world and lose your soul in the process?

So maintain a strong relationship with God and with people and your unique path will be sure.


5. Be Accountable To The Highest Possible Authority!

The highest authority is God and then yourself.

Being accountable to others will not make you succeed, but looking in the mirror as your own competition and keeping in mind that one day you will give an account to God for the things you have done in the body will exponentially accelerate your full potential.

I am not talking about sin, Jesus dealt with that, you should be free from it now.

I’m talking about what you did with this life.

Do not bury your talents in the ground and say I could have, if only; or I could have if they didn’t do this or that; or I could have but what if I failed and lost all my money.

There’s a reason why we as spiritual people devoted to God can succeed faster than others, it is because we have the support and backing of a loving Father and God.

You must fear something. Fear God, not man and especially not failure.

By not fulfilling what you were created for, you will only let yourself and the people around you down.

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you need it to.

But when that happens, who you were created to be should shine the brightest!

Because a small flame is seen clearest in the greatest darkness.

So let your light shine and be a pillar of hope and strength with your unique abilities and gifting to lead others when they cannot do things themselves.

Remain humble, remain focused on your calling and remember if you do things only for a paycheck then we never get to MANIFEST THE LEADER WITHIN.


6. Rise Above Adversity

Adversity is going to come.

Without it the humbling process would never get accomplished.

You need to have that process so that pride will not come in and you will not end up squandering your achievements and lording it over others.

However when that adversity comes, perseverance is built, character is built and most importantly value and love for your fellow man is created within you.

The worst thing we can do is take offence at the naysayers who come against us. Instead we should appreciate it.

Eminem, had stated once,

He didn’t get famous because of people who liked him, it was the hate and the dislike against him that put him in the media.

Phineas Barnum quoted,

‘I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.’

That’s not a don’t care attitude, he understood the power of media and he also understood that his goals were bigger than the opinion of competition and naysayers. Remember that all they can do is talk, they have no authority or power to stop you from fulfilling your purpose and leading in your field of expertise.


7. Look Beyond The Temporary!

Keep your eyes on the goal, focus on what you are aiming to achieve.

The daily hiccups and setbacks is just apart of the learning curve.

So that you learn to move beyond temporary things and focus on the eternal.

Did you know that your created value and abilities will be used for eternity?

You remain unique for eternity but this temporary life is only ‘temporary’ because it became corrupted, otherwise we would never die.

When you accomplish what you work for, you leave behind a legacy for yourself and your family.

So don’t focus on the painful process, if you focus on that you already lost the willpower to succeed.

Focus on achieving your goals.



How To Start Your Online Business!

Let’s cut to the chase…

I want to get you started making money as fast as possible!

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You could do it faster depending on how hard working you are…

Times have changed. You don’t need a business plan and you don’t need a degree!

In fact you can start right now simply by setting a goal based on the type of business you want to have.

Having a digital business doesn’t even require anyone knowing who you are! As long as you have something to give people, guess what? You are in business!

So the minimum requirements that you need are…

  • A Product/Service OR Someone Else’s
  • A One-Page Website
  • Some Traffic

Simple Right?


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This 30 Day Challenge may be EXACTLY What You Need!

This year is your year! Its time to sift through the noise and put a huge focus on IMPLEMENTATION in your business.

We live in a world with soooo much information right at our fingertips…

But there can be so much confusion!

Here’s the thing…

  • All the articles you sift through to find out how to grow your business online…
  • All the business books that you read…
  • All the infop roducts that you buy…
  • All the courses…

They mean NOTHING if you don’t actually execute!

But imagine if you took just ONE plan to start and grow your business (or next business) online, and execute EVERYTHING at hype speed…

ONE plan well executed is infinitely more powerful than knowledge from 50 books that you do nothing with…right?

So here’s my challenge for you:

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Write and Sell Your First Christian Book Tutorial

Writing a christian book or any book for that matter is easier than you think!

And I highly recommend you make it a priority because once you do, reputation and status is gained exponentially! You automatically become an influential person and begin building your reputation as a public figure all because you have your name attached to a book!!

Firstly I want you to know that this is your book, write it the way you want, so if you want to trail of the following steps please do so, this is just a guide to help your thought processes.

Let’s start with why you NEED to write a book FAST!





You don’t have to be a professional writer to write a book.

Authenticity will get you further than being an expert writer!

I have read many books especially from 3rd world countries where their English is broken and yet they sell books with ease.

All they do is share their experiences and make connections with people through their story telling or display of their life.

You don’t think in your brain. You think with your heart. As a man thinks in His heart so He is. So you’ve already done all the decision-making you ever need to do because you have already made the decision about it in your heart.

The brain just relays that information and out it comes through your mouth. Thats why the bible also says, that out of the abundance of the ‘heart’ the mouth speaks. The brain is just your processing centre to relay the messages to the rest of your body. So why am i telling you this?

Because it is about attachment and building connections with people by speaking to the heart. The more time you spend with someone the more you get to know them and webs of connections are built with them.

Its the same with watching YouTube videos and the same with following anyone on social media. And it is only more powerful with a book.

Once you get a hold of a book by someone, you realise their voice, their created value and potential.

No man can speak of anything other than what He knows and has walked out in life. If he does then hes not remaining true to himself. So respect is automatically gained for their knowledge because they have accomplished something that few people do!

When truth settles in you and you see that other people resonate with that truth a connection web is formed to that person. When you come into agreement with something in their book as well, it automatically in-stills a belief system inside of you.

And that’s what happens when you read a book by someone, you will forever recognise that person as a person of importance or someone who can add value to your life.

This has nothing to do with how great of a writer you are. It has everything to do with your ability to make a connection with the reader through authenticity!

Let’s dive into the steps…


Step 1 – Note down the topics you want to talk about

You want to categorise your thoughts so that you do not drift onto different topics other than what you should be talking about in your chapters.

A great way of doing this is to make dot points of the things you need to talk about in each chapter.

Try to aim for at least 3 different sub topics within your chapter. And then break that down further to include – the primary point, an example or a story.

Coming up with something like a flow chart will help with this process as well. Click here to get a free flowchart template!

Step 2 – Transform the reader in each chapter

You are taking the reader on a trans-formative journey. If you were writing a novel this would be different, definitely! but a christian or spiritual book needs to be trans-formative.

So at the start of the chapters aim to explain what the chapter is about with background info and work your way through the primary points and example or story.

Since christian books are trans-formative in nature you want to include guidelines or steps that they may need to take to achieve the desire result.

Usually impartations or prayers at the end of each chapter is an excellent way of finishing it off. The other thing you can do is pose homework questions to make the read go away and keep in their mind to think about.

For example, in my book Rise of The Seer Prophet’s I left, impartations and prayers at the end to activate the reader to grow in the prophetic, to get more dreams & visions and hear God clearly.

Now that’s something everyone can do, especially as a christian you have the ability to impart your giftings into others or unlock their gifting in a greater capacity.


Step 3 – Remain within the topic of the book.

If your book is about healing, then stick to that and use the rest of the kingdom principles as a means of supporting the main topic.

For example in my latest book I expounded on the prophetic as the main topic and justified the other kingdom principles such as healing, love and relationship as supporting topics.

Here’s another example. In speaking about the prophet’s authority behind prophetic words I also included example stories of when prophetic words are released, healing occurs, whether emotional, physical or otherwise and gives an anchor of hope and a guide for the dream goal that God has given you. Cool?



Step 4 – Get into the perspective of your reader

Consider creating a concept of the perfect reader of your book.

  • What is going through their mind?
  • Why do they need the change?
  • How does your book get them to their desired goal?
  • What do they need to gain from your book in order to achieve their desired goal?

Ask your self these kind of questions and then imagine yourself as the reader.

  • Did what you say make sense?
  • Could there have been a little more information on that topic?

Sometimes even pretending you are answering that person’s questions is an excellent way of getting into their mind so that the information you are giving target’s all pain points of the reader.


Step 5- Grow your relationship with Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit is the ultimate author who gave the words to the writers of the bible to expound on  all things about Jesus.

Quick side note – this is why you should never read the bible without the presence of God, His presence is Holy Spirit and You need the author of the bible to explain the bible to you. If you do it differently, then you are just getting understanding based on your preconceived ideas rather than the mind and heart of God.

So relationship with Holy Spirit will also accelerate you in writing a book that addresses the needs of your readers.

Keep in mind a christian book is always meant to glorify God, its not to glorify yourself.

So as you write, speak to Holy Spirit and ask, should this be here, is there a better way of doing things?

When I wrote the rise of the seer prophets. I asked Holy Spirit was there anything He wanted me to fix or change? And He gave me 3 sentences in 3 different chapters and I went back and I made sure I clarify more on those sentences.

So grow your relationship with God and write from His overflow of wisdom and not from any other means.

There’s a tonne of more things to consider as you write your book. But at the end of the day what you put in there is truly up to you!


So now how do we get it published…

If you have tried to publish a book with a publishing company and you have gotten rejected, then I’m sure you would feel gutted! Regardless there is actually no need to get rejected at all!

Obviously you want to make sure your book is the best it can be and free from any mistakes but you also don’t want someone telling you NO! your book is not approved when you know in your heart you have the ability to write and can get your book out there!

You have a message to tell and its important that you get your book out there! That’s why you should self publish!

So why self publish and why print on demand?

The only reason you should buy your book at wholesale capacity is if you have sold 1000 books or so already and you know its going to sell well. All you are really doing though when you wholesale, is reducing the overhead cost for about $5 dollars.

So if you sell your book for $25 you end up with about $15 profit for your book because of the shipping cost. But when your book first gets published, its better to print on demand which will only be about $5 more, making your profit per book a little less.

Obviously its a great idea to turn your book into an ebook as well, to remove those physical copy overhead costs altogether.

So if you want to get it published through a publishing company thats fine, what you need to do is email the company a transcript and fill out any forms they require. You can find that on the website of your chosen publisher.

I use Ingram Spark and  Lulu Express. In both of these retailers, you just need to choose the format of your book, upload your formatted book and your beautifully designed cover and order it with your customers destination.

It can be tricky getting the specifications correct though so you will have to play around with it until you get it right.

So now you know how you can begin writing your first christian book and getting it published. But what if you want to sell it through your own website rather than hand over additional overhead costs for selling it on places like amazon or other book store retailers.



Designing a book cover shouldn’t have to be hard and you shouldn’t have to pay someone thousands of dollars to design your book.

So I’ve made a complete video tutorial to show you how you can design your first book in under 30 mins by yourself and for FREE!






There’s no point in writing a good book and not blessing other people with your knowledge! So in part 3 I have designed a method to help you serve your customers at the highest level.

In this video I show you exactly how to sell your book using a sales funnel and then up-sell anything you like or maybe even a T-shirt if you want to build a loyal tribe!




Once you are done watching the video you can get the Done-For-You Sales Funnel as demonstrated in the video from here: CLICK HERE to get it free now.

This comes with a 14 day free trial of ClickFunnels which is the easiest and most efficient drag and drop system that I have used.

3 Simple Steps To Building Your Blue Ocean Niche


Not sure where to start making money online?

Or maybe you have an online business but you can’t seem to get ahead of the competition.

When you put out content, your competitor puts out content at the same time. Its a cyclic game! But there is a way out!

And that is by finding a Blue Ocean NicheWhat is a Blue Ocean Niche?


The Blue Ocean Niche

People try to over complicate this concept, but all it is about, is finding a niche that is so laser targeted to an uncommon audience that you would be the only shark in the water!

Now metaphors aside, discovering your blue ocean is a matter of applying a few simple steps.

So let’s get into that…


1. What passions or skills do you have?

This is not just about what you like doing.

This is about finding your dream goal, discovering your skills and packaging it into a way that can help others.

Will you lose interest in it in the next 10 or 20 years?

If so, then it will never work!

A get rich scheme always comes from hopping on a trend early.

But that kind of money is not wealth, it does not last in the long run.

So consider asking yourself, what can you do that others cannot and package it into multiple formats that is readily available for all types of audiences, for example those that prefer books over courses, or videos over a conference.

The Blue Ocean Passion/Skill is one that will gain have a finite amount of people flocking to.

Always do keyword research, discover what Facebook/Social Media groups/pages there are for your niche.

How deep can you narrow the funnel?

Let’s take an example: Cooking – Cooking with Chocolate – Cooking With Belgian Chocolate – Creating Unique Designs with Belgian Chocolate For Chocolate Patisseries

Can you see how it can be broken down to cater for a very specific audience type now?

That’s the topic, what about the format?

Can it be recipe books?

Could it be video formatted cooking lessons?

Will you use online classes or webinars?

What about hosting group classes to teach art form creation to be displayed in unique chocolate patisseries?

The deeper and more narrow the funnel is, the bigger shark you will be in the pond!


2. Marketing To Your Niche

Your audience stems from the primary topic.

In the above case, it was cooking with chocolate.

But now you have the opportunity to branch off.

Lead the people from Facebook Groups or any other social media pages, onto your web pages, get them intrigued with Belgian chocolate!

And deliver a freebie to get their tastes buds watering even more!

Mind the pun!

Once you have this audience, you can direct them to creating phenomenal desserts, enticing them continually with free value and lessons.

Re-target until they want more!

Consider using ongoing email marketing, Facebook re-targeting or google advertising.

This way you build rapport and a relationship with your audience!


3. Offering More To Those Who Care

On your web-pages you should always have paid products.

In whatever format that looks like, whether physical or digital, you want to show dominance and authority in your niche by offering products/services.

Always have a value ladder.

Start off with low ticket items, for those that are interested they will grow into your true fans and buy everything of yours!

But that kind of relationship needs to be developed over time.

Continually offering free value is the key to building a relationship with your audience.

It is the same with any relationship, you must work at it.

Depending on the type of products you have, also remember to use it as a means of advertising other products.

For example in the niche with Belgian Chocolate, if you were using recipe books remember to use the book  to advertise other products offered on your web pages.

These are vital advertising spaces to indoctrinate your audience and returning customers!




The 5 Best Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website


These traffic secrets have made people millions!

And I’m going to tell you the secrets that online marketers are using to generate effective leads for their business by leveraging the hidden potential of social media…

Social Media is an unending resource of potential leads for your business!

But do you know how to attract the right customers or clients?

Well I’ve been in this online marketing game since 2015.

I went from designing and selling t-shirts to making foodie videos on YouTube, and all the way to drop-shipping and finally mentoring others with my own products and affiliate marketing!

Its the same tactic to get website visitors in every business type.

Once you understand the foundations you can use those same principals in whatever venture you go into!

Let’s take a look at the 5 best practices for getting leads and repeat buyers!


Watch This Video About How To Get Traffic To Your Websites


1. Content Marketing

Right now you are on a blog.

Blogging is the next generation method of journalising your own newspaper stand.

Engaging and teaching your audience the things that you know is an excellent method of attracting like minded individuals and generating potential leads for your business.

The same goes for podcasting.

This is your own radio station that people can continually revisit content on demand.

Using platforms such as ‘Anchor’ allows you to broadcast your podcast to all podcast hosting stations.

That includes Spotify, iTunes, Google podcasts etc.

If you would like to check out my podcast head over to Heaven’s Entrepreneurs for ongoing discussions on best practices for growing on social media and creating content that matter to people.

I also have Kingdom talks with rising entrepreneurs there as well!

YouTube is your own reality T.V show!

If you have an online business without creating content on YouTube you will be left miles behind your competition.

It is the number one traffic source for generating great quality leads for your business as well as earning an ad revenue at the same time.

‘Millennials are the generation that consumes the most videos. 75% of consumers aged 18-34 watch videos at least once a day.’ – Source: Hubspot (www.siegemedia.com)

Your content needs to be precise and tailored for your desired audience.

Evergreen content is always better than seasonal content.

It needs to be informative, entertaining and engaging.

‘43% of consumers will decide if they want to watch a video until the end in the first 15 seconds.’ – Source: Hubspot (www.siegemedia.com)

Producing Content is the most essential form of lead generation since it is completely controlled by you and it will organically bring in leads over time without any effort beyond the initial creation of the content.


2. Paid Ad Traffic

Running ads should be done to scale your business!

If your business does not get any traffic through organic methods then you need to master SEO, copy-writing and attraction marketing.

If you don’t have the time to do that then paying for ads will help generate leads.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram and native advertising are all methods of paying for traffic.

Master one and then branch off to others.

Of course you still need to design a click-bait worthy ad-copy and thumbnail!

But you will need to take into consideration that every time someone clicks on your banners, thumbnails or links you will have to pay.

That is called Cost Per Click (CPC).

This cost can rack up very quickly!

So if you are getting a high click through rate but are not getting any conversions you need to adjust your sales page.

The most important thing is getting conversions.

Always check your analytics.

If you are not getting any sales even though you are paying for ads then you need return to organic traffic and tweak your ad copy or target the right audiences who will actually care about what you have to offer.


3. Use Someone Else’s Traffic

When you are first starting out, leveraging someone else’s audience either for a fee or for free if you have a friend who is already in the game, can give you a quick boost!

Even if you already have a well established audience base, to grow your audience, getting featured on someone else’s podcast or YouTube channel can exponentially grow your following!

In fact this type of collaboration is beneficial for you and the person you collaborate with to create content since every online business aims to generate leads.

If you do not have a product you could potentially use someone else’s product as an affiliate and generate your own leads through that product as well via an email optin page.

If you have never done affiliate marketing before, I highly recommend checking out the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.


Click Here or the image below.

The idea is to promote each other and form partners in business.

Even if they have completely different businesses this works wonders.

Consider making a list of your Dream 100 people that you would like to work with and associate yourself with.

Reach out to them either by email or another means, and propose your offer.

A handy tip is to record yourself in a video format asking them to join ventures or collaborate on certain tasks.

This will allow them to see that you are a serious person and make you relatable to them.

It will also show that you are willing to put in the work to promote them and yourself.

Offering each other incentives is the best way to grow each other’s business.


4. Circulating & Re-Using Content

Getting traffic to your website is done through multiple platforms.

Never use just one.

Put your eggs in seven baskets or more!

You want to diversify your content and bring in leads from other areas that they may be hanging around on the internet.

Especially if you have a lead already in the form of an email address.

Create a relationship with them by sending them similar content either through email, messenger or audio.

Eventually you want to build an entire Eco-System!

The key to building a relationship with your customer is to continually provide value to them.

Gary Vee calls it the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook Method.

Continually giving value to your potential customers will bring them from whatever social media platform they are on back to your website, over and over again!

The BEST part about it is if you create video content that can be changed into audio format for your podcast, pictures for posts on Facebook and Instagram as well as carousel teaching posts then you will recycle the same content and offer value from different angles, giving your potential customers a reason to come back to your website!

This calls for an excellent website.

Make sure your website has enough content to keep your visitors returning!

Update it regularly.


5. Re-target Leads

Re-targeting is by far the most important concept to grasp.

What happens to a person when they see the same thing over and over?

They think it is valuable and respect is gained for it, or if they really don’t like it they may just get irritated, but don’t worry about them, they were never your customers in the first place!

If a person clicks through your website, ends up on one of your sales pages or even on an order form, but for whatever reason changes their mind from purchasing at the last second, you have a way of getting them back!

Let’s take an e-commerce store for example.

Someone viewed a pair of jeans and added to cart but they left the store.

Now’s your chance to follow up with either an email with the item still stuck in the cart, or re-target through Facebook with pictures of the same item, or even google ads appearing throughout their website browsers.

Sneaky… but effective.

Most people do not buy on the first time seeing an item.

So you must re-target!

Statistics indicated that 3-5% of people buy on the first time seeing the item, that means that the other 95% or more left and won’t ever come back unless they are re-targeted to continuously.

In fact around 80% of people buy after the 2nd or 3rd visit to the website.

Remember you are competing against other people with similar products and they are using re-targeting methods just as forcefully.

By re-targeting you are also building a deeper relationship with your customer, gaining more trust as a reputable brand!

If you would like to learn more about getting traffic to your websites, YouTube videos and more, check out Traffic Secrets.

By the end of the book you will be a master at generating continuous ongoing traffic to your websites and funnels.




7 Secrets To Mastering Copywriting

Copywriting, it sounds like something you would do on a typewriter! Right? Not, exactly.

The most important part of any sales letter, funnel, advert, blog, website or even social media post is it’s ability to get the person to the next step and convert them! But how do you do that?

Well your words have power but only when used correctly…

That’s where copywriting comes in. It is the art of enticement and persuasion without ever opening your mouth.

Your sales copy should make your customer want to take their wallet out and throw the whole thing at you! But that’s easier said than done right? Wrong…

There’s no need to be a pro writer, blogger, or be overly creative. You just need to know a few secret techniques to get the sale and you’re in business!

With expert copywriting you will not have to force that sale. You won’t even be opening your mouth! In fact, the beauty of copywriting will hide any shyness or lack of confidence.

I mean the quality of a product can even hide behind great copywriting! But HEY! Make a great product, don’t be lazy! You have a reputation to up hold don’t you?

So sure there’s a bit of a learning curve and you could technically hire a guy for $2000 per month to do the copywriting for your headlines and blogs, but if you are just starting out and you don’t have that kind of money to spend on things like that, you should just learn the skill yourself and save yourself thousands of dollars in the process!

So I’m gonna make the learning process as easy and painless as possible…

Let’s discover how you can become a master copywriter!


Watch The Video Below To Learn Secret Techniques I Use To Write Compelling Click Bait Content!


Are you an entrepreneur who wants more clicks, sales, and profits?

Do you struggle with writing sales copy from scratch?

Does the thought of writing ads, emails or sales letters make you break out in a cold sweat (and run for the door)?

Then I’ve got a brand new book for you! Its filled with ‘copy & paste’ templates for you to use regardless of what niche you are in!

It’s called “Copywriting Secrets” and you can get it FREE for a limited time!



Copywriting Secrets


Maybe you don’t have enough time to read a book, or maybe reading is not your thing? Well if that sounds like you then I have something even better…

I always assumed it was crazy expensive to get GREAT copy if I was gonna pay someone to do it for me. That, or I figured I’d have to learn how to do it myself when really there are ways around it…

I found a super helpful way to get all of your sales letters, scripts, webinar slides, emails, and ads written for you… without hiring an expensive copywriter!

I mean getting it done within just 10 minutes or so! What is this amazing software called? Its called ‘Funnel Scripts

Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards host a FREE Webclass where they show you exactly how ‘Funnel Scripts can do the work for you!

Trust me…

I know what its like having to master the art of copywriting and it’s not always easy and it can definitely take up a lot of time if you are just starting out.

I don’t want you to waste time suffering through writing copy on your own from scratch…

…or worse, looking for another expensive copywriter to make a hole in your wallet! (especially when there’s no guarantee that their copy will even convert!).

If you want to become a highly paid copywriter then by all means, Master Your Craft!

Just a sneaky hint for your copywriting business…

You might just want to plug and play these copy scripts, wait a day and hand over your copy to the client and tweak it as necessary!

But if copywriting is not your thing then here’s a surefire solution to doing things fast and effectively with out hiring expensive copywriter!

Good Copy is essential for your business, its apart of marketing & selling your products or services and if you can’t sell, well you won’t get many sales now would you!

But this shouldn’t drain your time or your income stream!

So if you struggle to write good copy for your business (or if you’re like me and just don’t have the time, or don’t WANT to do it), then this free training is going to be an eye-opener for you!



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