Kurshin Joseph

FREEDOM! – July Is Your Month!

By Kurshin Joseph

I heard the Lord saying July 2021 is a month of Freedom!

What does that even mean?

It means your bondage is breaking, your long awaited prayers are coming to pass. It is a time of renewal, a time of breaking forth from the yoke of slavery that held you back from taking action!

Where you have had aspirations and desires to pursue, you will see breakthrough and step into your God given destiny. I hear the Lord saying ‘are you submitted though? Are you willing to yield and surrender to the new. Within 6 months you will see fruit of the turn around says the Lord.’

2022 will be the time of the manifestation of what the signs were pointing to. A time to wonder at what the Lord was doing behind the scenes. If freedom begins now in the Spirit, it may look to some as turmoil in the natural. For those that do not understand the situations, their perception will be as though some outlandish thing is happening to them!

But the Lord is calling you into elevation, a time to seek Him in the midnight hours to accelerate beyond the world and ascend to the heights in the Spirit with Him. I hear the Lord say ‘the view is better from up here.’

Freedom starts in your heart. For out of the heart the issues of life flow (Proverbs 4:23). Get your heart right in righteous with God and you will fear nothing that your eyes see in the days ahead. You will have abundance & an oversupply when the world does not.

These are days of freedom from the religious yoke, the slave labour mentality, the fake media & control and it is the birthing of a remnant rising to usher in the days of fulfilment. Shifting is taking place, you will choose new technology to advance your business, you will change careers, new desires will ache within you to come into fruition. ‘Greater signs & wonders await you around the corner’, says the Lord. 

I hear the Lord saying ‘It’s time to rest in His finished work. So that He can get the glory and no man can say they had brought in the new day.’

We will stand in awe of God as the Lion of Judah roars over the Earth in this hour.


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