Kurshin Joseph

Prophecy New Heights of Worship To IGNITE Australia & Beyond

By Kurshin Joseph

Last night the Lord gave me a dream of a woman singing in a dressing room, and bodybuilders were meeting with her.

She was singing ‘I wanna be doing things differently in the Spirit’.

Then the scene changed, it went from the past to the future.

She was singing again but was on a surfboard flying over the waters, seas, the desert and mountains.

And I said to myself in the dream ‘and now she is doing it so differently in the spirit that it looks nothing like it has ever before’.

As I talked to the Lord today to explain this, here is what He explained.

The lady singing was ‘worship’.

I believe that there has been a hidden company of worshippers that the Lord has been preparing and the season to come out is almost upon us!

We are no longer going to worship as we have always done, a new move in the spirit is upon us.

The power of the spirit and truth will reign true in its fullest form.

Worship will transfigure your bodies and build your temple of the Holy Spirit as you begin singing in the language of the Spirit(tongues) and you will be strengthened from within your core as revival begins to break out over Australia.

It will overcome the raging tsunamis and floods, it will lead you through the famine and coming drought…it will take you into the mountain of the Lord and you shall be blessed like never before.

The Spirit of the Lord has spoken. See now I do a new thing, you do not perceive it but surely it is coming quickly…the time is nigh for the sons of God to take their rightful place and prosper in the market place.

Look I say behold the transition of the Lord it is marvellous.

For unbeknownst to you my hidden children will walk into the full glory of my manifested power.

Do no despise or be deceived by such drastic turn of events for I have called this the year for the wicked man to turn and repent from his wicked ways that I may show forth my glory through Him.

Turn and seek my face says the Lord for you art thou my people and my hand is upon you for this hour. Rise sons of Creation rise! And awaken to the truth!

The Spirit of prophecy bubbled up as I was typing and got distract from the dream interpretation.

The dream was to indicate that new forms of worship is coming to the body of Christ that will usher in the true Kingdom Age Power in the Order of Melchizedek.

Jesus is King! Bless you, stay blessed & Jesus loves you❤️


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