Kurshin Joseph

Prophecy Update: South Africa’s Reformation & The Return of House Churches

By Kurshin Joseph

God is just getting started! These are the beginning of the days that the saints of old longed to be apart of!

I had 2 Dreams and a Sign this morning on the 15/7/20…

They were amazing things of what God’s doing and its really good to have good news amongst all the deceptions of the agendas and really let’s call it what it is, the beginning of birth pains(read Matt 24 if you are not sure what I’m talking about)

I’ll say the dream and then explain it. There are certain things I just know by intuition from the Holy Spirit regarding these things. I know you will understand what I mean if you have ears to hear and eyes too see what God is saying prophetically.

So in the first dream: I was lying down in a tent looking up at the stars through the top of the tent and I heard the words ‘evangelical camping where they can bring their dog for kids’.

We are about to enter a time period where we will have God bring the people to our houses for church(temporary tent), specifically for the next generation(not only kids), and unbelievers will join(dog = unbelievers here). I was lying down which tells me that we will be operating from rest and enjoying the glory of God rather than working endless hours on preparation for mass crusades etc. Although I still believe that there will come a time again that we can flood out stadiums!

The 2nd dream, actually a vision since it seemed very literal was about the next President of South Africa. I seemed to be a reporter. Before the start of this I had seen a drunken driver swaying through back alleys and I went to report on that from some wayward people and they told me that ‘history’ has ended. I then saw that a new black female President was elected her name was Elizabeth and I was reporting or interviewing the people…

I began to cry as I thanked her for the change in South Africa. I was so proud and excited I could feel the atmosphere was clean and pristine like the Spirit of the Lord is and I wasn’t afraid to sleep in the middle of the building with my wallet in my back pocket. The other thing was that I could also see a vision of Africa(Continent) being cleaned and safe again, but it was the result of South Africa’s submission to God.

So this tells me that the time period of drunkenness or wayward behaviour is ending, and we may see a sign in the news about it. And then regarding feeling so safe with my wallet, I believe that financial security will be coming back to South Africa and there will be trustworthiness surrounding finances again and we may see that in the news as well. The only reason I’m saying that we may see it in the news is because in the dream I was like a news reporter. I was so proud to be South African in this dream and I even felt like moving back to South Africa from Australia where I live at the moment.

I then had a sign from God at the exact same time I wrote down this dream in my dream journal. The sign is the picture below. And I know God loves South Africa so much and wants to pour so much love in the coming years, and so I’m pretty sure that South Africa will have a leader who will be fully in tune with the things of Gods’ Spirit to reform South Africa! It may be of benefit to look up the name Elizabeth since the name meaning will be the authority she carries. It may be literal that it is a woman or figurative as personified as the spirit of wisdom, or another of the seven spirits that is before the throne of God…but it felt too literal..we will just have to wait and see as time goes on.

Screenshot of sign given immediately as I wrote this dream upon waking.


Dream interpretation belong to the Lord, if you get your own understanding or revelation on it from the Lord, please consult Holy Spirit, especially regarding sharing it. All things are to glorify God. I do not share my opinion, only what the Lord reveals to me and what He says I should share in obedience to Him.


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