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The 5 Best Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

By Kurshin Joseph


These traffic secrets have made people millions!

And I’m going to tell you the secrets that online marketers are using to generate effective leads for their business by leveraging the hidden potential of social media…

Social Media is an unending resource of potential leads for your business!

But do you know how to attract the right customers or clients?

Well I’ve been in this online marketing game since 2015.

I went from designing and selling t-shirts to making foodie videos on YouTube, and all the way to drop-shipping and finally mentoring others with my own products and affiliate marketing!

Its the same tactic to get website visitors in every business type.

Once you understand the foundations you can use those same principals in whatever venture you go into!

Let’s take a look at the 5 best practices for getting leads and repeat buyers!


Watch This Video About How To Get Traffic To Your Websites


1. Content Marketing

Right now you are on a blog.

Blogging is the next generation method of journalising your own newspaper stand.

Engaging and teaching your audience the things that you know is an excellent method of attracting like minded individuals and generating potential leads for your business.

The same goes for podcasting.

This is your own radio station that people can continually revisit content on demand.

Using platforms such as ‘Anchor’ allows you to broadcast your podcast to all podcast hosting stations.

That includes Spotify, iTunes, Google podcasts etc.

If you would like to check out my podcast head over to Heaven’s Entrepreneurs for ongoing discussions on best practices for growing on social media and creating content that matter to people.

I also have Kingdom talks with rising entrepreneurs there as well!

YouTube is your own reality T.V show!

If you have an online business without creating content on YouTube you will be left miles behind your competition.

It is the number one traffic source for generating great quality leads for your business as well as earning an ad revenue at the same time.

‘Millennials are the generation that consumes the most videos. 75% of consumers aged 18-34 watch videos at least once a day.’ – Source: Hubspot (www.siegemedia.com)

Your content needs to be precise and tailored for your desired audience.

Evergreen content is always better than seasonal content.

It needs to be informative, entertaining and engaging.

‘43% of consumers will decide if they want to watch a video until the end in the first 15 seconds.’ – Source: Hubspot (www.siegemedia.com)

Producing Content is the most essential form of lead generation since it is completely controlled by you and it will organically bring in leads over time without any effort beyond the initial creation of the content.


2. Paid Ad Traffic

Running ads should be done to scale your business!

If your business does not get any traffic through organic methods then you need to master SEO, copy-writing and attraction marketing.

If you don’t have the time to do that then paying for ads will help generate leads.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram and native advertising are all methods of paying for traffic.

Master one and then branch off to others.

Of course you still need to design a click-bait worthy ad-copy and thumbnail!

But you will need to take into consideration that every time someone clicks on your banners, thumbnails or links you will have to pay.

That is called Cost Per Click (CPC).

This cost can rack up very quickly!

So if you are getting a high click through rate but are not getting any conversions you need to adjust your sales page.

The most important thing is getting conversions.

Always check your analytics.

If you are not getting any sales even though you are paying for ads then you need return to organic traffic and tweak your ad copy or target the right audiences who will actually care about what you have to offer.


3. Use Someone Else’s Traffic

When you are first starting out, leveraging someone else’s audience either for a fee or for free if you have a friend who is already in the game, can give you a quick boost!

Even if you already have a well established audience base, to grow your audience, getting featured on someone else’s podcast or YouTube channel can exponentially grow your following!

In fact this type of collaboration is beneficial for you and the person you collaborate with to create content since every online business aims to generate leads.

If you do not have a product you could potentially use someone else’s product as an affiliate and generate your own leads through that product as well via an email optin page.

If you have never done affiliate marketing before, I highly recommend checking out the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.


Click Here or the image below.

The idea is to promote each other and form partners in business.

Even if they have completely different businesses this works wonders.

Consider making a list of your Dream 100 people that you would like to work with and associate yourself with.

Reach out to them either by email or another means, and propose your offer.

A handy tip is to record yourself in a video format asking them to join ventures or collaborate on certain tasks.

This will allow them to see that you are a serious person and make you relatable to them.

It will also show that you are willing to put in the work to promote them and yourself.

Offering each other incentives is the best way to grow each other’s business.


4. Circulating & Re-Using Content

Getting traffic to your website is done through multiple platforms.

Never use just one.

Put your eggs in seven baskets or more!

You want to diversify your content and bring in leads from other areas that they may be hanging around on the internet.

Especially if you have a lead already in the form of an email address.

Create a relationship with them by sending them similar content either through email, messenger or audio.

Eventually you want to build an entire Eco-System!

The key to building a relationship with your customer is to continually provide value to them.

Gary Vee calls it the Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook Method.

Continually giving value to your potential customers will bring them from whatever social media platform they are on back to your website, over and over again!

The BEST part about it is if you create video content that can be changed into audio format for your podcast, pictures for posts on Facebook and Instagram as well as carousel teaching posts then you will recycle the same content and offer value from different angles, giving your potential customers a reason to come back to your website!

This calls for an excellent website.

Make sure your website has enough content to keep your visitors returning!

Update it regularly.


5. Re-target Leads

Re-targeting is by far the most important concept to grasp.

What happens to a person when they see the same thing over and over?

They think it is valuable and respect is gained for it, or if they really don’t like it they may just get irritated, but don’t worry about them, they were never your customers in the first place!

If a person clicks through your website, ends up on one of your sales pages or even on an order form, but for whatever reason changes their mind from purchasing at the last second, you have a way of getting them back!

Let’s take an e-commerce store for example.

Someone viewed a pair of jeans and added to cart but they left the store.

Now’s your chance to follow up with either an email with the item still stuck in the cart, or re-target through Facebook with pictures of the same item, or even google ads appearing throughout their website browsers.

Sneaky… but effective.

Most people do not buy on the first time seeing an item.

So you must re-target!

Statistics indicated that 3-5% of people buy on the first time seeing the item, that means that the other 95% or more left and won’t ever come back unless they are re-targeted to continuously.

In fact around 80% of people buy after the 2nd or 3rd visit to the website.

Remember you are competing against other people with similar products and they are using re-targeting methods just as forcefully.

By re-targeting you are also building a deeper relationship with your customer, gaining more trust as a reputable brand!

If you would like to learn more about getting traffic to your websites, YouTube videos and more, check out Traffic Secrets.

By the end of the book you will be a master at generating continuous ongoing traffic to your websites and funnels.





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