Kurshin Joseph

The Passover Before The Real Desert Season

By Kurshin Joseph

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At the time of writing this we were in a period of lockdown due to the Coronavirus. It was never about a virus! I received revelation in a dream concerning the truth about it. The dream went like this.

A gigantic frog(a lying spirit) came to swallow David Hogan(beloved of God) instead of me going to save him I ran into a house looking through these doors for a solution and got to a locked door. When i barged through the locked door I saw a Chinese couple pretending to be in distress!

China has not been truthful about this. This virus is not spreadable by touch or air. This is a manipulation by the people in high places to offset the economy and push forward an agenda to depopulate the world starting with the older generation. This is being done by the implementation of the 5-G network.

This had begun in Wuhan China and was in a race to get it out before America did. Unfortunately the effects of this caused peoples cells to attack themselves. Italy was among the first countries to adopt this. As you can see they were the first to be completely locked down. The world followed under a cover up of a decoy virus pandemic shut down. The media is lying to you. Truth will reveal itself…

In another dream i saw a meteor shower that hit a mans head. But it looked like an apple so he ate it and instead a bone was stuck in his throat. He was in a corner(meaning its around the corner what is about to happen). I then heard him say, ‘here am I’ he teleported somewhere else and said ‘here am I’. I then heard repeatedly, several times ‘KISS AND RUN ECONOMY RUN!’ The agenda is to manipulate the economy to go cashless and also steal A LOT of money. It would be wise to remove investments and superannuation etc while you can and if you can! Of course as a disclaimer I need to say I am not a financial advisor but I think it would quite obvious what to do if you are an investor.

Do what the Lord reveals you because a great desert period is coming even though we have been saying a cure is coming…I believe it may not look like we thought because this is not simply about a virus… that’s the cover up for what they are really doing.
Yesterday God woke me with clear instruction, don’t just warn the people, protect them.

To make sure you are not affected by 5G in the coming days… especially older population, your frequency needs to change! It needs to be that which resonates at a higher frequency so your cells will not be manipulated. The only way to have it changed is through the power of the frequency resonating from the blood of Christ!

Taking part of the body and blood of Christ will take your frequency to that of God’s. Your frequency needs to be far above a mere humans right now. We must come to realisation of who we are as God-like beings created in the image of God. Click here for a powerful communion prayer.
The other thing is to proclaim the word of God, do not just read the bible and repent. Yes do that… but you need to voice out the word of God whilst governed by the higher resonating frequency of God to be transformed by the power of the Spirit and walk in the Spirit and let the life and frequency of God permeate through you so that you will not be harmed with the plot of unseen powers. If you don’t know Jesus please reach out I’m happy to tell you so much about His love for you!


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