Kurshin Joseph

The Power Sword Given To The Church

By Kurshin Joseph

In a dream: I was in a bedroom with a bunch of family members gathered around. The husband/dad had come back from being gone away a long time.

The grandfather brought the young girl to see her dad and give him a hug.

But the girl was reluctant to do so. It seemed like she didn’t trust him.

She sat on the bed next to where I was. And the dad handed her a sword with a red hilt. It was rounded in shape like a practice sword with grooves on it.

As He gave it to her, power surged through my body as I began to lift my hands in worship… immense power like I have never experienced before.

I was sweating, dripping in sweat as the presence of God overwhelmed me.

I believe Jesus(husband/dad) is presenting the church with power for the end times in a way that we have never experienced before. The grandfather(The Father) is bringing the church(little girl) to the Son and helping them to trust in the authority and power that Jesus has given.

These are exciting times ahead for the church and we must learn to trust the power that the Lord has given us. We as believers can all perform the greater works that Jesus said that we would do.

And surely He is with us performing signs and wonders on our behalf!


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