Kurshin Joseph

Write and Sell Your First Christian Book Tutorial

By Kurshin Joseph

Writing a christian book or any book for that matter is easier than you think!

And I highly recommend you make it a priority because once you do, reputation and status is gained exponentially! You automatically become an influential person and begin building your reputation as a public figure all because you have your name attached to a book!!

Firstly I want you to know that this is your book, write it the way you want, so if you want to trail of the following steps please do so, this is just a guide to help your thought processes.

Let’s start with why you NEED to write a book FAST!





You don’t have to be a professional writer to write a book.

Authenticity will get you further than being an expert writer!

I have read many books especially from 3rd world countries where their English is broken and yet they sell books with ease.

All they do is share their experiences and make connections with people through their story telling or display of their life.

You don’t think in your brain. You think with your heart. As a man thinks in His heart so He is. So you’ve already done all the decision-making you ever need to do because you have already made the decision about it in your heart.

The brain just relays that information and out it comes through your mouth. Thats why the bible also says, that out of the abundance of the ‘heart’ the mouth speaks. The brain is just your processing centre to relay the messages to the rest of your body. So why am i telling you this?

Because it is about attachment and building connections with people by speaking to the heart. The more time you spend with someone the more you get to know them and webs of connections are built with them.

Its the same with watching YouTube videos and the same with following anyone on social media. And it is only more powerful with a book.

Once you get a hold of a book by someone, you realise their voice, their created value and potential.

No man can speak of anything other than what He knows and has walked out in life. If he does then hes not remaining true to himself. So respect is automatically gained for their knowledge because they have accomplished something that few people do!

When truth settles in you and you see that other people resonate with that truth a connection web is formed to that person. When you come into agreement with something in their book as well, it automatically in-stills a belief system inside of you.

And that’s what happens when you read a book by someone, you will forever recognise that person as a person of importance or someone who can add value to your life.

This has nothing to do with how great of a writer you are. It has everything to do with your ability to make a connection with the reader through authenticity!

Let’s dive into the steps…


Step 1 – Note down the topics you want to talk about

You want to categorise your thoughts so that you do not drift onto different topics other than what you should be talking about in your chapters.

A great way of doing this is to make dot points of the things you need to talk about in each chapter.

Try to aim for at least 3 different sub topics within your chapter. And then break that down further to include – the primary point, an example or a story.

Coming up with something like a flow chart will help with this process as well. Click here to get a free flowchart template!

Step 2 – Transform the reader in each chapter

You are taking the reader on a trans-formative journey. If you were writing a novel this would be different, definitely! but a christian or spiritual book needs to be trans-formative.

So at the start of the chapters aim to explain what the chapter is about with background info and work your way through the primary points and example or story.

Since christian books are trans-formative in nature you want to include guidelines or steps that they may need to take to achieve the desire result.

Usually impartations or prayers at the end of each chapter is an excellent way of finishing it off. The other thing you can do is pose homework questions to make the read go away and keep in their mind to think about.

For example, in my book Rise of The Seer Prophet’s I left, impartations and prayers at the end to activate the reader to grow in the prophetic, to get more dreams & visions and hear God clearly.

Now that’s something everyone can do, especially as a christian you have the ability to impart your giftings into others or unlock their gifting in a greater capacity.


Step 3 – Remain within the topic of the book.

If your book is about healing, then stick to that and use the rest of the kingdom principles as a means of supporting the main topic.

For example in my latest book I expounded on the prophetic as the main topic and justified the other kingdom principles such as healing, love and relationship as supporting topics.

Here’s another example. In speaking about the prophet’s authority behind prophetic words I also included example stories of when prophetic words are released, healing occurs, whether emotional, physical or otherwise and gives an anchor of hope and a guide for the dream goal that God has given you. Cool?



Step 4 – Get into the perspective of your reader

Consider creating a concept of the perfect reader of your book.

  • What is going through their mind?
  • Why do they need the change?
  • How does your book get them to their desired goal?
  • What do they need to gain from your book in order to achieve their desired goal?

Ask your self these kind of questions and then imagine yourself as the reader.

  • Did what you say make sense?
  • Could there have been a little more information on that topic?

Sometimes even pretending you are answering that person’s questions is an excellent way of getting into their mind so that the information you are giving target’s all pain points of the reader.


Step 5- Grow your relationship with Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit is the ultimate author who gave the words to the writers of the bible to expound on  all things about Jesus.

Quick side note – this is why you should never read the bible without the presence of God, His presence is Holy Spirit and You need the author of the bible to explain the bible to you. If you do it differently, then you are just getting understanding based on your preconceived ideas rather than the mind and heart of God.

So relationship with Holy Spirit will also accelerate you in writing a book that addresses the needs of your readers.

Keep in mind a christian book is always meant to glorify God, its not to glorify yourself.

So as you write, speak to Holy Spirit and ask, should this be here, is there a better way of doing things?

When I wrote the rise of the seer prophets. I asked Holy Spirit was there anything He wanted me to fix or change? And He gave me 3 sentences in 3 different chapters and I went back and I made sure I clarify more on those sentences.

So grow your relationship with God and write from His overflow of wisdom and not from any other means.

There’s a tonne of more things to consider as you write your book. But at the end of the day what you put in there is truly up to you!


So now how do we get it published…

If you have tried to publish a book with a publishing company and you have gotten rejected, then I’m sure you would feel gutted! Regardless there is actually no need to get rejected at all!

Obviously you want to make sure your book is the best it can be and free from any mistakes but you also don’t want someone telling you NO! your book is not approved when you know in your heart you have the ability to write and can get your book out there!

You have a message to tell and its important that you get your book out there! That’s why you should self publish!

So why self publish and why print on demand?

The only reason you should buy your book at wholesale capacity is if you have sold 1000 books or so already and you know its going to sell well. All you are really doing though when you wholesale, is reducing the overhead cost for about $5 dollars.

So if you sell your book for $25 you end up with about $15 profit for your book because of the shipping cost. But when your book first gets published, its better to print on demand which will only be about $5 more, making your profit per book a little less.

Obviously its a great idea to turn your book into an ebook as well, to remove those physical copy overhead costs altogether.

So if you want to get it published through a publishing company thats fine, what you need to do is email the company a transcript and fill out any forms they require. You can find that on the website of your chosen publisher.

I use Ingram Spark and  Lulu Express. In both of these retailers, you just need to choose the format of your book, upload your formatted book and your beautifully designed cover and order it with your customers destination.

It can be tricky getting the specifications correct though so you will have to play around with it until you get it right.

So now you know how you can begin writing your first christian book and getting it published. But what if you want to sell it through your own website rather than hand over additional overhead costs for selling it on places like amazon or other book store retailers.



Designing a book cover shouldn’t have to be hard and you shouldn’t have to pay someone thousands of dollars to design your book.

So I’ve made a complete video tutorial to show you how you can design your first book in under 30 mins by yourself and for FREE!






There’s no point in writing a good book and not blessing other people with your knowledge! So in part 3 I have designed a method to help you serve your customers at the highest level.

In this video I show you exactly how to sell your book using a sales funnel and then up-sell anything you like or maybe even a T-shirt if you want to build a loyal tribe!




Once you are done watching the video you can get the Done-For-You Sales Funnel as demonstrated in the video from here: CLICK HERE to get it free now.

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